I was at a point where I felt like I had stagnated in my growth as a professional pitcher, and I needed a change in environment. 4D Sports Performance Center has been an integral part of my growth both as a professional and as an individual. Within three months I was able to increase my overall strength, shed body fat, and rework my pitching mechanics. The technical expertise provided by Anthony, Dillon and Nick is only surpassed by the integrity and selflessness they show everyday for their athletes.
— Andrew Chin, Boston College, New York Yankees, Team China
Without Anthony and the 4D program I would not be where I am today with baseball. I have been a part of this program since the age of 13. In that span of time I have never been off the field and increased my velocity over 20 MPH. I went from a thrower to a pitcher with command and confidence. The best part about this program is that they are always evolving, learning better techniques and gaining knowledge. They focus strictly on injury prevention first and performance second. That’s why everybody in the program stays healthy.
— Willie Gabay, New York Yankees
Our son Luke has trained with Anthony and the 4D staff since he was 9 years old, and it has done wonders for his physical shape, baseball IQ and overall success on the diamond. We continue to be impressed by the science-based approach to pitching mechanics; maximizing velocity while maintaining strict discipline towards arm injury prevention.
— Matt and Samantha Politi
Coming to 4D, was a career defining moment for me. When I started with AY and the rest of the 4D staff in July 2016, I was a nobody; a converted catcher that was skinny and out of baseball shape, throwing mid 70s off the mound. Throughout that summer, AY and NPA gave me the tools and knowledge of how to become a successful pitcher. The NPA program was very successful for me because it prioritizes arm care and health in addition to improving your biomechanical efficiency. I continually saw gains going from 82mph max run-and-gun to 89-mph at the end of August (only 2 months). My mechanics consistently improved which allowed me to translate my improved velocity to the mound, topping 85 mph in the beginning of September. In addition, Dillon’s knowledge and experience in strength and conditioning helped me increase my strength and range of motion as evidenced by gaining 40+ degrees of internal rotation. My added strength and mobility along with my improved mechanics allowed me to top 89mph in the summer of 2017, only a year and a month after I became a pitcher. AY is one of the main reasons why I’m where I’m at today: a soon-to-be pitcher for the Kansas Jayhawks in the #1 RPI conference in the country.
— Marc Mendell, Kansas University