This is our most advanced program for maximizing athletic performance and minimizing injury. The R.E.P.S (Repetition, Education, Persistence, Sustainability) program begins where the assessment ends. Our professional staff of strength coaches will use your assessment to create a 100% individualized strength program to fit your sport specific needs based on the latest available performance science. As a staff we push continual sports performance education on our athlete’s in order for them to completely understand the rationale behind their training along with being fully engaged and committed to the long-term process. R.E.P.S is held in a semi-private setting where athletes on their individual programs will be training simultaneously, with our expert coaches on the gym floor at all times.

Elite Assessment

This is where our coaches will find out everything they need in order to customize each athlete’s individual program. Our comprehensive assessment consists of a full movement screening that will identify anatomical asymmetries, movement dysfunction, address posture, and check mobility and range of motion. The assessment begins with a look into injury and training history as well as goal setting in order to align the program with the athlete’s specific goals for the future.